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With the summer sun shining ( well, as much as possible for the UK) we can’t help but get our heads into holiday mode. The sun, sea, sand and of course the summer festivals!

The summer sees a whole new range of trends and styles! Everything from shoes to makeup is suited to the laid back summer vibe. So grab your gladiator sandals and your bikinis as summer is just around the corner!

You know that old saying “top to bottom”, let’s start from the top and introduce you to your must have hair styles. You know what that means? Braids. Braids everywhere!

The braid (or plait) is arguably the most versatile hair style, as it can suit any hair type, from long to short, thick to thin. It can also be one of the easiest styles to achieve. Whichever magazine you look at or whichever celebrity Instagram page frequent you will see a braid.

There are so many different styles of braids and plaits! To help you guys get summer style ready, we are going to go through the most popular and the easiest styles.

The French Plait


The French plait is the OG of all plaits. It’s easy to do and can be done in a single or double style. All it requires is three sections of your hair at the top which you then begin to plait, the further down your head you go the more hair you collect so all of your hair is included in the plait. You can either do a standard or inverted plait (this means that the plait looks like it’s within your hair whereas with the inverted it looks like the plait is 3D.

The best thing about the French plait is that it looks good messy and also neat, it just depends on your hair (my hair is permanently messy, it doesn’t know the meaning of neat).

If you feel like pushing the boat out then you can take some festival inspiration and apply glitter to your roots. All you need to do this is air gel and glitter. Or you can channel your inner Kylie Jenner and attempt the rainbow plait. Either way, you’re set for a fun summer!



The Fishtail Plait


If you consider yourself to be more of an intermediate/experienced plaiter (no I’m not sure that’s a word either) then why not try the fishtail! The fishtail is a bit more of a complex style but once complete it gives you a more impressive hair style.

This plait can be done as a single or a double, also it can start from different potions on your head. You can have it from the top or you can tie your hair in a low ponytail and start from there.

You can also apply colour and glitter to this style dependent upon how mermaid-esque you want to look. If you’re feeling adventurous try adding flowers and rings to the plaits!


The Halo


The previous two braids can be done by people who have any length of hair really but the halo is mainly for people who have long hair. Better start growing those bobs out ladies!

The halo is like a French plait but it goes around your head instead of down your neck. I personally favour this style because when its super-hot you just want the hair off the back of your neck. There are two ways to create this style, the easier way and the more secure way (I choose the easy way).

To complete the plait the easy way you tie your hair in a side pony. Lift the pony up and begin to plait upwards. Once you have completed the plait tie your hair with a bobble, then wrap the plait around your head and use bobby pins to stabilise it.


The more secure way is to start from the bottom of your head and French plait the hair, their means that the plait is attached to your head via the hair and not bobby pins. Once you have French plaited your way around the head you can use pins to add more stability.


French Plait to Bun


This hairstyle is a sure fire way to mix up a messy bun! Plus it’s super easy to do. Win- win situation! All you need to do is turn your head upside down, then from your neck begin to French plait your hair to you get to the top of your head. Once you have done this tie the rest of the hair into the bun. Then the hairstyle is complete!

It can also work the other way as you can have a braid going to a bun, you just need to French plait from the top of your head and then tie it into a bun at the bottom.


There are many more different styles out there and you can customise any one of these! The braid is the hair trend of the summer, it easy to do, looks good messy or straight and it a good work out for the arms. What’s not to love? Get braiding ladies!

Blog by Layla Faruque

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Kate goes Vogue!


Marriage binds her to the most prestigious family in the world, but now the Duchess of Cambridge has got something in common with fully fledged fashionistas Taylor Swift, Kate Moss and most surprisingly Kim Kardashian- West.

The world was in disbelief last when Vogue magazine revealed that they had secured Kate Middleton as their June cover star, something that countless editors have tried and failed to do. Securing the 34 year-old royal as the face of their centenary issue is without a doubt the crowning glory to the iconic publications achievements, as no other media platform has ever been given an exclusive interview with Kate. This is clear proof of the legend, credibility and power of Vogue.

However the select photographs of the Duchess that were released prior to the June issue were met by a mixed reaction both from the media, loyal readers of Vogue and members of the public. In fact it was hard to ignore the buzz surrounding the legendary issue.


Pictured on the upcoming cover

Some media publications labelled the pictures of Kate as ‘a little too Boden’ and there was criticism from others of the apparent ordinariness of the shoot. Opinion was well and truly divided. But this was to be expected. She is one of the most talked about women in the world. Could we really expect anything less? This is fashion after all.

On the cover Kate appears in a suede Burberry trench and delicate cream blouse, with her famous locks loose and wavy as they frame face. Her face is youthful and full of joy as she smiles for the camera; she’s a picture of happiness.

This is what struck me the most. How happy she looks. This of course is a reflection of the fact that for the first time, an image has been taken of the Duchess that she has consented to. This shoot wasn’t an invasion of her privacy and this is clear to see in how at ease and relaxed she looks.


Pictured with husband William and daughter Charlotte after her daughters birth

The simplicity of the feature is quintessentially Kate; she was never going to be dressed in head-to-toe Dior, posing in a spectacular diamond encrusted frock. Nor was she going to do a Kim K and pose Balmain-clad with a naked Prince George, as the Duke of Cambridge looked on brooding for photographers.

No, what the feature does do is show us Kate in her natural environment. Her love of the countryside and Norfolk are prominent. Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman reiterates multiple times that the Duchess is ‘just like anybody else’ and this seems a fairly fitting theme for the feature. This at a time when ‘the Kate effect’ means that just about any item of clothing that she wears, high-end or high-street, sells out instantly. Whether it’s her signature LK Bennett courts or latest Alexandra McQueen dress, we all want what she’s got. Beauty and fashion editors alike are dying to hear her secrets.


Photo from the Vogue Issue

Perhaps the attraction to the Duchess then is the fact that she’s so normal. After all, she is just an ordinary girl that happened to fall in love with a not so ordinary boy.

Yes it would have been spectacular to see Kate in a floor-length embellished Elle Saab gown. But to quote the Duchess herself, her job isn’t that of a fashion model.

The shoot is a fitting tribute to 100 incredible years of British Vogue.

Now, excuse me whilst I go try and find out where I can buy that trench.

Blog by Olivia Cawley

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Kylie X Tyga: It’s Over!


It’s official, Kylie Jenner & Tyga are finished. Done. Over. They boarded the last train to Splitsville.


Kylie & Tyga pre split: Trouble brewing?

Real talk, the break up has been a long time coming.

The couples two year relationship came to an end just before the MET Ball, which would certainly explain why they kept their distance on the red carpet and indeed at the event.

The pair met in late 2011, when Tyga was hired by the Kardashian/ Jenner clan to perform at Kendall Jenner’s Sweet 16; but it wasn’t until 2014 that they began appearing all over each others social media accounts. They even went as Chucky & Bride of Chucky for Halloween. You know, as friends do:


Just friends?

They remained “friends” for a good long while. Despite being seen together and photographed in romantic situations, they always turned it around and re-enforced their “friendship” to the world. Kylie was under 18 at the time so it’s obvious that they wanted to keep it on the DL.

Remember when she turned 18? God, that was bloody fantastic.

All of a sudden it was “Kylies boyfriend Tyga” and KYGA was suddenly a thing.


He bought her a car for her birthday. A car. I’m lucky if I can get a box of chocolates.

They seemed blissfully happy for a while. He even made an appearance on KUWTK. Remember that? I’ll remind you:


“Check out my new tattoo…”

But then came the cracks started to show.

No one ever described their relationship as perfect. It was tumultuous to say the least. There were rumours of cheating, lies and that Tyga was just using Kylie to boost his career. I’m not saying it’s true but I do recall his popularity growing during their relationship…#justsaying

He was pictured with other women which certainly didn’t help the matter.

He even spent Mothers Day with his mother and a mystery model leading to the £10000 question… where is Kylie?


Hmmm, suspicious?

Why have they split? That I don’t know. Sorry guys.

They’re both staying very tight lipped about the situation, but personally my money is on cheating.

I’d like to say that’s where the story ends, that this is the part where they may both take time apart and not have to see each other for the foreseeable future.


Kylie’s half-brother Robert Kardashian is engaged and expecting a baby with Blac Chyna, who just so happens to be the Ex and Baby Mamma of Tyga.


Blac Chyna, Rob Kardashian, Kylie & Tyga : One Big Happy Family?

That is going to make for some interesting family dinners. I think I’ll start watching KUWTK a bit more religiously now!

Blog by Andrea Maria Petrie

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BAFTA 2016 Review


Hot on the heels of the Met Ball is the BAFTAs! Another opportunity for us to gaze check out some serious outfit envy! While all in attendance looked dressed to the nines, a few stars in particular really shone for me!


Tess Daly looked very elegant & classic in a white figure hugging number! Complete with killer heels and coordinating belt!

Steal her classic glamour in our CHARITY SANDALS – £24.99


Model Lily Donaldson was another to watch! She channelled a sophisticated bohemian vibe, following S/S 2016’s massive 70s trend in a black chiffon floor length gown complete with gold tassel belt.


Made In Chelsea’s Lucy Watson showed us a sexy and smouldering look! Complete with smoky eyes, sleek hair, pewter metallic dress and a gold cage shoe! Altogether, she gave an air of kick ass warrior princess!

Grab your slice of fierce in our KAYLA LACE UP SANDALS -£29.99


If you’re ever feeling lost for outfit ideas, then take a leaf out of Annabelle Wallis’ book! She sent temperatures soaring and took the ultimate style inspiration in the form of the flamenco dancing girl emoji! No need to wonder how she snagged Chris Martin!


It wasn’t just the women of the evening showing off their sass and class, the men had ideas of their own! Special mention goes to Michael Fassbender, Justin Timberlake and Idris Elba. These gentlemen definitely know how to dress to impress and would make the perfect arm candy accessory for any awards ceremony night. Ladies, you’re very welcome.

Blog by Stephanie Smith

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We’re on SNAPCHAT!


Yes, you’ve heard right, we’ve joined the land of Snapchat!


Find us under the username: Solewish

We can’t wait to show you behind the scenes shots, new styles and mostly just how much fun we have here at SWHQ!

So…what are you waiting for? Give us a follow!

Blog by Andrea Maria Petrie

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Girl, Put Your Patent Boots On!


Patent boots are the hottest trend to date!

These boots first debuted during the Autumn/Winter 2015 and soon became the public’s favourite shoes to sport.

They are recognized as one of the most popular trends due to their practicality and availability. Many witnessed these ankle boots on heavily talked about catwalk shows, from Kanye Wests YEEZY Season 2 to Dior AW 15 Show. My point? They. Are. Everywhere.


Kim Kardashian in a stylish pair of patents!

Not only did this style of shoe catch our eye, but also the attention of a large number of celebrities and bloggers! Many famous names have been spotted wearing these ankles boots!


Victoria Beckham rockin’ the patent trend!

Supporting husband Kanye Wests’ fashion collection, influential social media figure and reality star Kim Kardashian is constantly seen showcasing the numerous ways Perspex boots can be worn. Mrs Kardashian-West is evidently taking tips from her sister Kylie Jenner as she continues to sport fitted jumpsuits and leather jackets with the transparent boots, taking a different approach with her style.

Even more, fashion designer Victoria Beckham has also been seen in Perspex boots. Victoria Beckham remained true to her simplistic, clean personal style as she styled the black Perspex boots with a black turtleneck and culottes. Patent boots permits one to utilise the item and personalise it in a manner that represents their personal style.

Although celebrities have the opportunity to sport the latest items regardless of the price, many of us are not able to do so. For this reason, Solewish has now released the boots in many different colours at an affordable price for all. Due to the high demand, purchasing this item as soon as possible is undeniably essential!

We are intrigued to know how you may style the ankle boots so do not be shy to tweet or Instagram us with a picture.


Blog by Raissa Coulibaly

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♥ ♥ Weekly Dose of Blogger Babes ♥ ♥


Okay, I did Monday, and Tuesday, I’d like to pass go, collect £200 and move straight to Friday if possible. No? Damn. If you’re caught up in those Wednesday blues like myself don’t worry! I’ve got just the remedy to pull us all out of this mid-week slump and get you through until TGIF! Here’s a hint, it involves shoes that are, to put it simply, FIERCE AF! Plus, there are a few familiar faces that you might just recognize…

“These boots are made for walkin’” with @mais_jo


If wearing shoes was a sport, Maisie would be heading home with the gold right about now, because she is absolutely SLAYING the shoe game in our Kendal boots! Keep up the good work Maisie, you’re doin’ us proud girl!

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“Style for days and sass for weeks!” with @sjjdavidsen


Can we get a holla, cos Sharline is wearing our Mindy boots to perfection! Seriously comfortable and fiercely stylish, these boots are a MUST HAVE for any girls wardrobe! Don’t own any? Get shopping now!

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Mules = major casj vibes!” with @dazhaneleah


Why is our obsession with mules still so strong? *looks at picture* Oh that’s why. Gotta love Dazhane showing off her seemingly endless pins in our mules.

Shop our Poppy Mules here:


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“No caption needed, just one word… FIRE!” with @xle_ox


Not only is this shoe goals, but that outfit? Fierce honey! No notes here, Esther has scored a 10/10 from us in the style stakes!

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BABE! Those heels are to die for!” with @lycheestyle


SHOES. ON. POINT. Nuff said. Careese is known on Instagram for her fierce and fabulous style, and we just love how she has incorporated Solewish into one of her everyday looks! We hope to see her rocking our stock again soon!

Shop our Diva Tie Sandals here:


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Well I don’t know about you ladies but that definitely put me in a better mood! It’s also put me in the mood to shop! Don’t forget to check out our NEW IN: https://solewish.com/index.php/new-in.html

Blog by Andrea Maria Petrie

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The Kardashians are BACK! ( and they are better than ever!)


Over the past few months we have all been spending Sundays nights dreading the prospects of Monday morning. However, we can now all rejoice as the depressing Sunday evening slot can be occupied once again as we can fully immerse ourselves into the lives of the rich and famous with TV’s Royal Family.


Happy days are here again!

The glamorous drama fuelled family are returning to our screens once again, flaunting their overly luxurious lives. Roll on the return of the couture Balmain, the flashy cars and the sky high heels.  Along with the fashion comes the drama, and this season isn’t lacking any of that either.

The boys are back and they are bringing their own bit of trouble. With Scott trying to worm his way back into Kourtney’s life and Rob bringing home his new fiancée Blac Chyna, who just so happens to be the ex & baby mamma of Tyga, who is Kylies boyfriend. Confused? Same here.

There won’t be an episodes lacking tears and tantrums! This new series also sees more of Lamar Odem, who is still recovering from his recent overdose in a Nevada brothel. How much will the girls be able to take? When will the drama end?

We may not be able to afford their flashy sports cars or their insane houses but we can steal their styles!


Steal Kendall’s style with the “TOTTY BLACK CUT OUT SANDALS” only £39.99


Or maybe channel your inner Kim K with the “JASMINE CUT OUT SANDALS” only £29.99


Or you could take a leaf out of King Kylie’s book and grab the “MONICA STRETCH BOOTS” only £39.99

Whichever Kardashian  or Jenner you choose to embrace, don’t forget to show us how you style our shoes on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!

Blog by Lara Faruque

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Rob Kardashian & Blac Chyna: “WE’RE PREGNANT”


Just when I think this couple can’t surprise me again, I’m totally wrong! Congratulations to Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna on their baby news!

While speculation about the pregnancy has been circulating for some time, the news was ultimately broken and confirmed on Instagram with THIS post:


Can someone tell me where you can emoji yourself? I need this in my life. Sorry, I’ll get back on topic I swear.

What people may not know is that while there are likes and comments in the thousands, you may have missed two LIKES and one COMMENT. It is reported that Kylie Jenner & Kim Kardashian West gave the picture a like and Tyga wrote a simple “Congratulations”.

Where there was once some very bad blood there is now at least well-wishing from some family members. Khloe Kardashian, Kendall Jenner and Kris Jenner have yet to comment on the news publically.

Regardless, congratulations to the couple once again! It is certainly fabulous news!

With the Kardashian Klan very partial to K names and the fact that Chyna has a son named King Cairo, are we going to see another K name? My moneys definitely on it.

Blog by Andrea Maria Petrie

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Summer Sports Luxe


The temperatures are definitely high enough to have us dreaming of our approaching holidays.

But wait, what about THAT bikini bod?

 Remember the New Year’s Resolution we all made at the beginning of the year? Nope, neither do we. What started as a solid week in January of sweating it out in the gym slowly morphed in to the occasional after work Zumba session.

Since then, the gym membership card is long gone and the juicer is gathering dust in a dark corner of the kitchen. We know it’s time to drag our bums off the sofa and on to the step machine.

Luckily help is on hand to soften the blow! If we look good when working out, this should be enough to squat our way to sexy.

Sports Luxe is so on trend right now! Think crop tops, bomber jackets, oversized slouchy jumpers and statement leggings, and of course: TRAINERS. Kendall, Gigi and Beyoncé’s Ivy Park range are our trend inspirations and completely work the look in and out of the gym.

To start the look, lace up a pair of our Amy Trainers­­­.

For less than £15 there’s no excuse not to run, hop and skip our way to becoming sexy senoritas!



Blog by Stephanie Smith

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