Welcome to Celebrity Splitzville!


Yesterday was a rocky day for all celebrity couples!

To begin with, power couple Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift have called it quits! Reports claim that Calvin was the one to end things as apparently he envies her success (this is such a ridiculous claim as they are both super talented).


Wonder who’s break-up album will be better…

The power couple had only recently celebrated their year anniversary which Taylor shared on her Instagram page. In fact one picture of her and Calvin is one of the most like pictures on Instagram!


Just a few months ago

It’s been a bit of a rough week for Calvin as he was recently hospitalised after a nasty car crash. He had to cancel some of his Las Vegas gigs in order to recover and as soon as he was back on the mend the shocking split was announced.

Calvin confirmed the split via tweet in an attempt to quash any rumour about bad blood or rivalry.


True or just for show?

Was this an amicable split or will it turn into a nightmare? Only time will tell…

Calvin and Taylor wasn’t the only celebrity split, yesterday it was reported that Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik had ended their 8 month relationship.


No more pillow talk

It was not long ago when they had posed for a couples shoot for Vogue so the news was quite shocking! However sources have said that the couple did have a rocky relationship and has split a few times previously but had then got back together. Sources have also claimed that Gigi wants to try again and is determined to win Zayn back.

Let’s hope that they can work this out because lets be honest, if they don’t we may never have such a good looking #couplesgoals ever again!


Couples pose!

To be honest no matter what happened between any of these gorgeous people it won’t be hard for them to find someone else. Beauty, cash and an enviable lifestyle, we predict that this lot won’t be alone for long!

Blog by Layla Faruque

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♥♥♥ Solewish Summer Favs! ♥♥♥


With summer holidays fast approaching, and the sun (hopefully) returning to bless our skies once again, the desire to be out and about every day is beginning to bubble up with in us.

Be it days in the garden with family and a barbecue on the go, or frolicking on the beach with your best friends, or going for a stroll in the park by yourself; whatever it is that you’re doing, here at Solewish, we got you covered! #wegotyoubabe





Shop our ZALIA LACE UP SANDALS – £19.99


The casual nature of these shoes are perfect for all occasions, coming in a mixture of colours: black, nude, tan (Cleo) and grey (Zalia) you can wear them for a day on the beach or a night in the town. The classic colours are a must for summer, pairing with a brightly coloured outfit and statement jewellery, you have the perfect summery look.

And just because this is the British summer, of course for those not so sunny days and sandals aren’t just cutting it, a nice pair of little booties are perfect to keep your tootsies that little bit warmer!


Shop our PIXIE BOOTS – £16.99


Coming in the colours brown, black or black faux suede – a take on the Chelsea boots for a fraction of the cost, these are perfect for when you want to still be cool and casual but in a much warmer capacity!

What I am saying is, that there is a style for everyone, whether we get that glorious weather that we all dream of when it gets to the summer time, and even if we don’t.

So why not get your order in, bless your wardrobe with a fresh pair of shoes and hopefully, as a nation, we can coax the sun into removing itself from its hiding place and returning to its rightful place in our skies. Because, I mean, who doesn’t love the hot and sunny days and burning to frazzle in the garden?

Blog by Natasha Jackson

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What’s Trending? #INEED


With the weather getting warmer that just means one thing: Its time to get summer-ready! Make any and every outfit look on point with our must have summer shoes!

The Perfect Sandals


The lace up sandal is here to stay and slay for another season! Perfect for any outfit as they go with everything from jeans to dresses. Style like Kendall for a chic effortless look.

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The Statement Shoe


Mules are everywhere this season! These khaki platform mules are perfect for meeting this trend, you can dress them up or wear them casual like our celeb style crush Gigi Hadid!

Steal Gigi’s style in our POPPY MULES

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The Everyday Shoe


Finally, for the ultimate laidback look,these grey creeper trainers are simply perfection! Trainers are a must-have in every wardrobe. Style like Rihanna for a cool stylish look on those warmer summer days!

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Pretty sure we’ve just sorted out your summer footwear. #yourewelcome

Blog by Catherine Brejska

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Keep Calm & Pom-Pom on!

ByeDon’t you just love it when a new trend comes around that just makes you smile? Something cute and simple, but somehow it just works and reminds you how fun fashion can be.

Spring/Summer 16’s must have embellishment is one of those trends: Pom-Poms! Those little woolly fluffy balls that add instant look at me status to any outfit!


D&G Original!

Fendi started of the hype with their adorable furry key ring charms and Dolce and Gabanna were quick to follow! Sprinkling these beauties over beach bags, giving us a summer carnival vibe!


Pom-Pom Couture!

If you’re feeling brave (and have a lot of time on your hands) then get DIY-ing and scatter them on your evening clutch or trimmed along the bottom of a skirt to make any ensemble fun and flirty!

If you’re not ready for a fiddly craft project, then we can help!

Play it safe with our SASKIA BLOCK POM-POM SANDALS – £24.99!


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Or throw on our TAMARA BLACK POM-POM HEELS – £24.99!


Available here: https://solewish.com/index.php/tamara-black.html

Pom-Poms on your feet, looks like we’ve found ourselves a cheerleader!

Blog by Stephanie Smith

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In 2016, Kylie Jenner launched her Kylie Cosmetics collection and pretty much every girl has bought at least ONE of her Lip Kits (or has it permanently on their wish lists)


Pretty much lip goals #seriousgoals

Alas, they’re famously illusive with only so many being released at a time, and then selling out at lightning speed meaning many fans have been met with disappointment due to them selling out so quickly!

On May 24th, she asked fans via Snapchat ‘How cool is this colour?’ debuting a deep black lipstick with a tint of blue underneath. She then posted a picture on her Kylie Cosmetics Instagram page with the caption ‘NEW SHADE ALERT!’. Just in-case you missed it…


Black lips tho!

This means a new colour is coming our way! This colour has been taking the celebrity world by storm recently.

It’s sexy, sophisticated and glamorous, and Kylie, of course, looks fabulous in it! She posted the hashtag ‘MAJESTY’ suggesting that this is the title of her new lip colour. With a bold title like that, we know that this lipstick will be THE lipstick that’s ideal to make us feel as confident as Kylie herself.


Sample of upcoming Majesty!

Even better, Kylie shows that’s she’s giving something back to say thank you for making her Lip Kits so very successful as she reveals the reasoning behind the colour is that it was asked for by her fans.

 To create even more of an impact, she further told fans that she’s restocking in mattes, metals and glosses meaning we might all have another chance at getting a Lip Kit before they sell out! She’s bringing all the previous colours back for the first time since she launched Kylie Cosmetics! YAAAAS!

Fingers crossed we’ll get one this time? My bank account is about to take a massive hit…

Blog by Beth Jones

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Vogues’ 100th Anniversary Bash!


The worlds fashion elite were present at Vogue’s star studded dinner to celebrate their 100th Anniversary! The prestigious fashion magazine showcased some of the most stylish people on the planet along with mixture of A-listers. As our invite got lost in the post (obviously) we thought we’d give you a breakdown of the best dressed stars!


When in doubt, go West!

That’s right, the King and Queen of social media were in attendance for the dinner! Kim wore a stunning nude and Khaki dress designed by Roberto Cavalli, which gave the impression that she was nude under the sheer khaki design (surprise surprise). Kanye went for a simple black suit with brown suede boots, a far cry from his own Yeezy designs.


LBD Heaven!

Cheryl put her messy divorce behind her for the evening and channelled her inner style goddess with a black mini dress and over the knee leather boots. The pop princess left her beau Liam Payne at home as she glammed herself up for a solo night on the town!


Model Fabulousness!

Amongst the herd of super models in attendance was Lara Stone. The Dutch supermodel shows the rest of the girls how it was done as she flashes some flesh in her revealing gown. The outfit not only highlighted under-boob, but also her extremely enviable legs! The always beautiful Lily Donaldson was also pictured at the bash wearing a stunning red gem-encrusted gown. Her dress proved to be enough as she opted her a simple hairstyle along with elegant jewellery.


Kate Moss SLAYS!

Kim K may be the Queen so social media but Kate Moss will always be our most regal super model! Kate looked stunning (as always), wearing a beautiful black floor length gown with sheer sleeves worn over a leotard. The dress featured sequins all over and was completed with a gold belt. #slayqweenslay


Girls night out!

It’s clearly ladies night for these fabulous fashionistas! Alexa Chung looked stunning in a vintage strapless gold dress, teamed with polka dot tights. She was pictured with her close pal Daisy Lowe who look spring ready in a 50’s style pink gown with blue and yellow accents. They were both accompanied by Pixie Geldof who looked flawless in a long silk patterned gown which featured a backless design! Why oh why aren’t we part of that girl crew…


Dress to impress!

Finally lets talk about these two beauties! Georgia May Jagger looked heavenly in a midi-length burgundy dress, complete with cut- outs and tassels. She teamed her look with a beautiful silver bag and some grey lace up heels. Laura Bailey went all out with her summer frock which was cream with a floral trim. She wore the dress with a heavy smoky eye and a luscious nude pink Chanel handbag (we want one please!!).

Vogue may be 100 years old but it still looks as stunning as ever, you can now get your hands on the 100th issue which features the Duchess of Cambridge as it’s cover beauty!

Blog by Layla Faruque

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Demi Rose: Tyga’s New Muse! ♥x


Last week Tyga and Kylie confirmed their split from a two years relationship, which we aren’t too surprised about considering the whole Blac Chyna momma drama. It seems that Tyga hasn’t taken it too hard though as he has been pictured around town with a new girl!

kpkTyga’s new girl?

From further investigation we can see that his new lady friend is a 21-year-old British model called Demi Rose (her real name is Demi Rose Mawby).


Just friends?

She grew up just outside of London and attended college to study health and beauty. Demi Rose decided to move to the USA in order to pursue a modelling career however she later joined an American escort group known as Taz’s Angels . From looking through her Instagram the resemblance to Kylie is pretty obvious…




Very similar…

Tyga has not even tried to save Kylie any heartbreak by keeping the romance a secret. He’s been flaunting Demi all around town. He even brought her to Cannes, taking her for a romantic stroll then indulging in a luxurious meal.

Things can’t possibly get more awkward right? Wrong.

Kylie’s sister Kendall is also currently in Cannes for the film festival (along with every other A-list celeb). 


Romantic stroll with bae

            Just when we think that the Kardashians can’t possibly have any more drama in their lives we are proved VERY wrong. Then again, with a family that includes Rob, Black Chyna, Lamar and Caitlyn there was always going to be drama.

With the added threat of an emerging Kylie & Tyga sex tape, will history repeat itself?

Blog by Layla Faruque

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Eva Longoria Weds!


Over the weekend, the always beautiful Eva Longoria married Jose ‘Pepe’ Bastion! #truelove

The 41-year old has a Mexican themed bash on Saturday, with her best friend Victoria Beckham in attendance as the guest of honour, and also the wedding dress designer (it’s good to have friends in high places)!

Victoria then shared a photo of her and the blushing bride via Instagram with the caption ‘The smartest, most beautiful woman I know’ (awwwww). The picture displayed the stunning bride in a beautiful white fitted gown, showing off her to die for figure and Victoria in her own gorgeous strapless black blue dress!


“Friends make the world beautiful!”

            The bride then went on to pose with the rest of her A-list guests! The picture below shoes Eva and her new hubby alongside Mario Lopez.


*Camera breaks due to the attractiveness of persons in photo*

Mario also shared another picture on his Instagram of the gorgeous alter, which featured a large white cross and a rose covered archway and all of the guests.


Romantic much?!

            The wedding looked utterly perfect but I mean what would you expect from Eva, she’s never anything but perfection!

Even though we are super jealous that we were not invited (WHERE was our invite?) we wish the newlyweds the best of luck and send them both our love!


Blog by Layla Faruque

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♥ Weekly Style Inspiration – Solange Knowles ♥


It’s time to honor one of the most influential fashion icons of her time: Solange Knowles.

Singer, model and hair naturalist, she has crashed out of her older sisters shadow, creating a name for herself in both the music and fashion industry. Similar to sibling Beyoncé, Solange Knowles has always been involved with music. She has released a number of songs from the age of 14 until today.

With so much interest in music, Solange took her talent further by launching her own record label: Saint Records in 2013. Through this record label, Knowles released a compilation album Saint Heron which was distributed by Sony. This enables her to showcase her unique sound further.

Solange Knowles is additionally recognised as a fashion icon.

Knowles uses a combination of bright colours, shapes and materials in her garments. It is evident that the model is aware of what works with her body type, skin complexion et al as she continues to stun the public with her looks. She is not afraid to experiment with different looks.

She confidently struts on red carpets, oozing with confidence in both herself and her personal style. For this reason, it is only right to look at her best looks!


Cream Dream

Firstly, I just want to say she slays my life!

The creamy ensemble was perfectly constructed according to what works on her. Complimenting her skin tone: the colour scheme works wonderfully with her brown skin tone, trousers showcases her form whereas the matching scarf permits the outfit to immediately appeal to our eyes.


Simple chic much?!

Whilst we are on the topic of keeping things simple, just look at how chic and simplistic this outfit is! Check out Solange sporting a white mini dress with a side cape alongside white filly heels! Keeping her make up remained light and natural allows both her and the outfit to be recognised gracefully. 10/10 from us!


Yellow is the new black!

Here comes a classic Solange look!

Acknowledged for her vibrant looks, Solange Knowles wears a yellow fur coat with matching trousers alongside a pink clutch, furry black and green heels! The vibrant look immediately intrigues and grabs our attention. Although many of us are not able to successfully sport such bright garments, it works for her perfectly!

Solange Knowles is undeniably a fashion inspiration for all. She embodies what fashion is all about, taking risks and breaking expectations.

So what is your favourite outfit of hers? Don’t be shy! Comment, tweet or Instagram us with your thoughts!

Blog by Raissa Coulibaly

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‘Can you make me feel like I’m Beyoncé?’

Bye“The most alluring thing a woman can have is confidence” – Beyoncé.

Very true. But it also helps to have the dress that Bey broke the internet with. You know the dress! If not ( shame on you!) here’s a quick reminder…


Met Gala 2k15

India Ross, an 18-year-old high school student from St. Louis, Missouri, created a Queen Bey-inspired look to wear to her prom and is now pretty close to breaking the internet herself!

India absolutely fell in love with Beyoncé’s Met Gala look in 2015. Instead of just adding the dress to an Inspiration Pinterest board or sharing the hell out of it on Instagram like the rest of us, India recruited a local designer to help co-create a Beyoncé-inspired prom look!

Wondering how it turned out?


Prom ready!

*mic drop*

If I was at her prom, I’d have taken one look at her, turned around and gone home. You win this round India. #flawless

While she based the dress concept around Beyoncé’s 2015 look, she had to alter the design obviously as Beys dress was slightly more *ahem* revealing. Needless to say India had to incorporate double layers of fabric and many more sequins and jewels than Bey did.


Who’s who?

Whether you love or hate the look, there is no denying that she really kept true to Beyoncé’s style and kicked ass in that dress! Hell, she could even sneak into the Grammys unnoticed in that dress. Kanye may even call it the best dress of all time!

I wish I had the same idea for my prom! This look from Taylor Swift would be right up my street…


Taylor Swift BMA 2012

Well, what about you guys? What sort of celebrity inspired look would you go for at your prom? Tell us below in the comments!

 Blog by Andrea Maria Petrie

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