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Well another day, another insane Kardashian Party. This time it’s the baby of the clan, Kylie that celebrates her 19th birthday – ten days early. I won’t lie here, but I’m not the biggest fan of these sisters, but annoyingly they are growing on me over the years. You’ve gotta give it to Kylie, she looks un-real to say she’s just 19. Christ, I wish I looked like that now, never mind when I was just 19.


Her Snapchat and Instagram are filled with videos and pictures showing off the lavish gifts she received and the shenanigans of the night. Wearing a barely there lace bodysuit and a statement waist belt both by Balmain, Kylie knows exactly what to wear and what shows off her best assets!


Also for her birthday Kylie has launched a new limited edition cosmetic collection, and OMG it’s to die for. The packaging is crazy shiny and the formulas of the products is infused with real life gold. So much hype and you know that every item is going to be just divine. Introducing a new limited edition matte colour kit, a new gloss colour, and a new metal colour all for the lips. She’s also introduced new crème eyeshadows in the most gorge Rose Gold and Gold, along with a new eyeliner kit and a gorgeous make up bag for you to store all your gorge new treats in. 



The iconic lip drip logo has been up scaled from graphic black to luxurious gold, and the boxes have been changed. Every single element of the new collection just oozes extravagance, this gal knows how to celebrate in style. For the most part Kylie Cosmetics has always been about the lips, so the introduction of the new items makes this collection extra special!

I cannot wait to shop it, but we’re going to have to be quick gals, this one’s going to be a sell out!! 

If you missed it, they’ll be back on THURSDAY!

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