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So we’ve made it this far through the unpredictable British summer we’re all used to. Wake up to rain, by dinner it’s sunny and by the time we get home it’s back to them heavy black clouds. Who knows what outfit to wear never mind weather to take a coat or if you can get away with sandals or if you’ve got to get your reliable trainers out – again.

The transition shoe is where it’s at, take you from summer to right through to the winter party season – an investment piece you could say. Gal’s you’re going to get full wear out of these, guilt free shopping!

The Celebrity-Loved Perspex Boot


Kimmy Pink Perspex Boots

Great for when it’s raining, you will not be getting wet feet with these. No fear if you’re rushing to work and stomp through a puddle in them so ideal for the rainier days. Plus the style is loved by the one and only Kim Kardashian! ❤❤

Kimmy Pink Perspex Boots available here – https://solewish.com/kimmy-pink.html

Kimmy Boots ( All Colours) available here – https://solewish.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=kimmy

The Functional & Stylish Trainer


Nadine Pink Pom Pom Trainers

As mentioned before the trainer is the safe guard for your rainy days, and you can go from the shops to the gym with no bother. They are so ideal for wearing any time, and it means you can still look fashionable after wearing your heels for too long on Saturday night – after that one quiet drinks escalated into a night out!💞💞💞

Nadine Pink Pom Pom Trainers available here – https://solewish.com/nadine-k070-pink.html

Nadine Pom Pom Trainers ( All Colours/ Styles) – https://solewish.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=nadine

The Romantic Velvet Boot


Marnie Wine Velvet Ankle Boots

Another boot style, but these will be better for the dryer weather. A longer then average length ankle boot, made from velvet with a Perspex heel. Nailing all the trends in one. Perfect with a T-shirt dress and oversized handbag for ultimate sass! 👌🏼👌🏼

Marnie Wine Velvet Ankle Boots available here – https://solewish.com/marnie-nf239-wine.html

Marnie Velvet Ankle Boots ( All Colours) available here- https://solewish.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=marnie

The In Love With Lace Up Shoe


Levi Black Suede Mesh Lace Up Heels

Lace up heels have been one of the hottest trends for a while now, and the amount of different styles you can get there is bound to be one for you somewhere amongst them all. We’ve got everything from sky high cage shoes to gorge flat sandals with the tie round the ankle, there really is something to suit every style!💋💋

Levi Black Suede Mesh Lace Up Heels available here – https://solewish.com/levi-sr48-black.html

Other Lace Up Shoe Styles available here – https://solewish.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=lace+up

Thigh’s The Limit Boots


Kristen Black Thigh High Pointed Boots

The over-knee boot has been on the scene a while now, and it is ever evolving with the trends. You can rock this boot with a mini skirt bare legs and a gorge floaty summer top for the days when the sun decides to make an appearance. Alternatively in those winter months wear them with your skinniest jeans, a polo neck top and a fedora. 70’s style will be forever fab! ✌🌺

Kristen Black Thigh High Pointed Boots available here – https://solewish.com/kristen-k136-black.html

Kristen Thigh High Pointed Boots ( All Colours) available here – https://solewish.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=kristen

So gals make sure you’ve got at least one of each style in your wardrobe, and you will be sound right through from now until party season, zero regrets with every purchase! ❥❥❥

Blog by Hayley Kindness

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