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It is time to show some appreciation for the original Queen B, miss Lil Kim! As many are aware, Lil Kim is a hip hop phenomenon as she entered the game with her strong lyrics, explicit contents, hard-core flow but also her fashion style!

Kim was never afraid to take risks with her style which is one of the main reasons why she will always be recognized as an inspiration in the fashion world. From colourful wigs to body fitting outfits, Lil Kim influenced the latest trends of today. Acknowledged for her accomplishments in both the music and fashion industry, Lil Kim was honoured at the Vh1 Hip Hop Honours show this year which she strongly deserved!

To showcase to you all just how influential and stylish the Queen B was in the 90s, here are my top 3 looks:

1)The Two Piece


Now this is the ultimate two piece!! She is rocking a halter neck crop top with a mini skirt which complements her petite figure perfectly. Lil Kim assured her accessories were kept to a minimal as she only rocked rings, a necklace and earrings. Not over doing it permitted us to mainly pay attention to the rappers outfit and her look overall! This outfit immediately reminds me of Rihanna as I can definitely see her sporting this and owning it.

2)So Much Pink!


I call this outfit ‘Pretty in Pink’ only because she’s giving me life with this look! Here she is again sporting a two mini two piece accompanied with matching knew high boots and a long fur jacket. Based on the latest trends, this outfit is definitely goals! She looks like a fabulous Barbie doll!

3)Bearing All


Here we have the Queen B in a black sheer dress and simplistic sandal heels. Evidently Lil Kim knows what works with her petite form as looked absolutely stunning in this outfit. Although this is simple, it complements her brown skin tone and is the perfect length for her height. I’m sure many are aware of the latest sheer trend that is taking over the current red carpets.

I’m patiently waiting for this level of slayage from Lil Kim again!

What are your favourite looks from the Queen herself?

Blog by Raissa Coulibaly

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