Fifth in line…Kate’s new arrival!

Kate-middleton-style-moments.jpg (2000×1125)

So, rumour has it…and now it’s come to light! The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting their third child! It was confirmed by Kensington Palace in a statement after Kate was unable to attend an engagement on Monday, due to extreme morning sickness.

Kate is apparently less than 12 weeks pregnant, and the news has been met with open arms. It’s fair to say this new royal already has a major following.

Although it’s early days, and surely we won’t be getting too carried away, guesses are already being made. The due date isn’t clearly marked in the statement by Kensington Palace, but March 2018 would be a safe bet.

As for the gender and name? All are sure to be revealed, but in keeping with tradition, names like Alice for a girl and Alexander for a boy are sure to be in the top ten. Either way, we’re all very excited!

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Look what you made me shoe – Swifties Shoedrobe Inspo

taylor-swift-kanye-west-reputation.jpg (663×806)

So, Taylor swift has landed once again. A new single and a very cutting new music video. ‘Look what you made me do’ leaves little to the imagination in terms of who she’s dissin’. What you might not have noticed however, through all the tiger references and bad ass attitude, Ms. Swift is slayin’ this seasons hottest trend. 

taylor-swift-look-what-you-made-me-do-bank-robbery.jpg (1024×683)

Too fabulous, so fierce over-the-knee red boots. These boots were seriously made for walking, whether it’s down the street or all over your ex like Taylor.

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These sock boots below are some of our favourite things this season. Swift is rockin’ this pair of black over the knee sock boots, winter-ready to kick anyone’s butt.

taylor-swift-look-what-you-made-me-do-formation.jpg (1024×683)

So, whether you’re a fan of Swift or not, I think we can all agree on the bare talent of the boots she’s wearing.

‘Look what you made me do’ is out now. Check out the music video below for more trends, outfit ideas and true shade.

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Chris + Kem – Love Island Spin Off


Dry your post-love island eyes, the two most popular love birds from the series are back! ITV took to Twitter to state that ‘the bromance is back’ and that ‘they’re busy grafting away on their own ITV2 show.’ In other words, we’re getting a spin off show!

1032366_kem_chris__3c98a70d3e7e1eb5fddf2eb85c02288e.png (600×400)

After the events of this weekend, Chris really doesn’t need to worry at all. What do we reckon this is going to be about? An in depth look at the boys bromance, or a secret spin-off with exclusive behind the scenes of their lives on the outside? It could even maybe just be of them frolicking in a pool all day. Who knows?

This news comes directly after Chris’ on-off flame Olivia played away with her ex footballer boyfriend Bradley. Chris, being the cutie pie that he is, forgave her, causing Olivia to sing his praises: ‘he puts up with this wild child like a hero’.

4314157000000578-0-image-a-11_1502211179051.jpg (636×382)

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Love Island Update Jonny & Tyla End Things!


Last night we seen Tyla finish with Jonny claiming ‘I feel like I want to stick a rocket up your a*rse!’

Things have been going down hill since Theo joined the Island, that’s right Theo, you know the professional athlete from Bath.

When Tyla entered the house she set her sights straight on Jonny but cooled her feelings down as he was coupled up with Camilla who has become close to being 5th in line to the throne.

But Jonny couldn’t resist and Tyla and ended things with Camilla to start a relationship with Tyla! (oh Jonny!)

One word Jonny that springs to mind KARMA!

I feel like I want to stick a rocket up your a*se!

While Camilla is smitten with her Calvin Klein Model!

Camilla all smiles on her Birthday!

We are so happy for Camilla keep on smiling good things come to those who wait!

Tune in tonight ITV2 9.00pm!

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Busty blonde spotted ‘flirting and lovingly caressing Tyga’s hand’ backstage at Wireless…


Yes, you heard us right!

Tyga’s at it again! This time he has changed from his usual stereo type of arm candy (brunettes!) to a blondie!

Tyga proved that the youngest Jenner was a thing of the past, as he was spotted getting up close and personal to a busty blonde at Wireless at the weekend!

Ahhh! Aye babe this my new shit

I’mma take her ass down when she bring her friend around Fuck ‘em both like ayo

Uh, told her she’s my wife for the weekend!

I’m the black Richie Rich with the roof missing

Lookin in the mirror like I wish I can be me

She was backstage flirting with him and caressing his arm lovingly. Tyga who split with Kylie in April looked smitten with his new arm candy! It wasn’t difficult to see she caught the eye of the Ayo hitmaker with her fitted tight black top.

Battle of the blondes!

Mystery Girl V’s Kylie Jenner

Kylie’s new bf Travis Scott was also at the festival and asked Wireless event managers to ensure he was kept away from Tyga at Kylie’s BFF Bella Hadid Ex the Weekend. The plan worked at Kylie & Bella looked to be having a great time along with Kendal Jenner watching Travis take to the stage on Saturday.

Kylie Jenner Kendall Jenner Bella Hadid at Wireless festival July 2017

Tyga….Just remember these hoe’s ain’t loyal!

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ROCK the Socks… And Sandals! 👡

ByeYes, you heard us right!

This combo has been considered a crime against fashion for way too long!

Maybe it’s the fact that it’s more likely to be seen on your Grandad in the garden than on the cover of Vogue that gives the trend a bad name? Maybe it’s the fear of sweaty feet in the summer (as if that’s going to happen in England anyway)?

Either way, you heard it here first, fancy socks with your FAVE sandals are the next trend to watch out for. ✔✔✔

Catch of the Day – FISHNETS


Photo by @fellaby

It’s actually a little known fact that the Ellaby sisters were sent down from heaven to teach us all about the wonders of shoe styling! 😇 We’re loving Faye’s fishnet and mules combo, giving a breezy option for those who really aren’t feeling socks in the summer.

Fresh Whites ALL DAY


Photo by @meganellaby

We’re so nostalgic for our schooldays when we’d wear the perfect little white socks every day and feel like Primary School’s next top model.🏫 Well, pairing white socks with brown or black leather like Megan Ellaby (aka Queen of socks and sandals) will let you relive your childhood dream. Extra points for buckles.

Socks & Sliders


Photo by @solewish

Ri-Ri and Kim Kardashian are just two of the babes that have been seen rocking sliders recently. Follow in their footsteps (literally) by matching our Fifi sliders with over the ankle socks. Plus, think of the added grip! You can’t knock us for practicality. 💯💯

Blog by Hannah Carlisle

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ByeAfter the Kim/ Kanye/ Taylor feud hit boiling point last month, I bet you thought things couldn’t get anymore heated.

Nah. 🔥🔥

It’s been reported that not only is Kim still feuding with Taylor, she’s called a “Taylor Swift” ban in the Kardashian/ Jenner households!

taylor swift angryThis is gonna be a hard one to shake off Tay.

Kim reportedly has put in place some new rules to her family, saying that to show loyalty to her and her husband they need to ban all traces of Swift from their homes and their lives.

A source states: “This happened after Kim and North were at a recent playdate at Kourtney’s with Penelope.

Kim tore into Kourtney for playing Taylor’s songs to the girls. Kardashian blasted her sister and told her she needed to be more loyal.

Kim and Kanye are so proud of taking down Taylor so they’ll be damned before they give that treacherous woman time or a dime.”

Kim really means business guys! And we all know that Kim has it in her to take someone down #KimExposedTaylorParty

I can see why Kim and Kanye might want a Taylor- Free zone, but let’s be honest, it’s going to be quite difficult to get rid of Taylor completely. Not only is she played on the radio constantly, she’ll also be at a LOT of the same events as the couple.

Do you guys think Kim & Kanye are making the right choice here? Let us know in the comments!

fashion kim kardashian kanye west met gala met gala 2016

Blog by Andrea Petrie

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Justin Bieber THREATENS fans! ❌ ❌ ❌

ByeNew week, new celebrity drama! 💥 💥

Although Taylor Swift can rest easy this time, it’s Justin Bieber who’s landed himself in hot water this week – and he’s losing fans loyalty by the second!

justin bieber

We all know that Justin’s no prude. He goes through women like I go through series on Netflix – way too many and much too often.

As well as ex Selena Gomez, he’s also been rumoured to have romanced Yovanna Ventura, Cailin Russo,  Hailey Baldwin, Kendall Jenner, Chantel Jeffries – and those are just to name a few – but it’s his most recent “girlfriend” that got everyone talking.

If you follow the Biebs on Instagram, you may recall that he’s been photographed a lot with the same girl.

This girl:


The girl pictured is Sofia Richie : She’s a model, 17 years of age and the daughter of Lionel Richie.

His fans seemingly don’t care who she is or what she does for a living however, commenting in the thousands to deem her unsuitable! He quickly fired back with the following caption on one of his Instagram photos:

I’m gonna make my Instagram private if you guys don’t stop the hate this is getting out of hand, if you guys are really fans you wouldn’t be so mean to people that I like”


funny lol glee life perfect

It doesn’t end there. Selena just HAD to have her say, and honestly, it gets pretty legendary! 👍 👍

Gomez added on Instagram: “If you can’t handle the hate then stop posting pictures of your girlfriend lol – it should be special between you two only,”

While she earned respect from the fans – they even created #SelenaEndedJustinParty – she really p*ssed off Bieber.

Bieber shot back “It’s funny to see people that used me for attention and still try to point the finger this way. Sad. All love. I’m not one for anyone receiving hate. Hope you can all be kind to my friends and eachother. And yes I love my belibers” #shade

However, Selena got the last word in this fight! Her final statement being: “Funny how the ones that cheated multiple times, are pointing the finger at the ones who are forgiving and supportive, no wonder fans are mad. Sad. All love.”

#SelenaWon #JustinGotBurned #TeamSelena # SlaySelena

Watch out Biebs, Selena don’t give a f*ck!

disney selena gomez text sassy unimpressed

Blog by Andrea Petrie

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